slotted latch product image
Slotted Cam Latch
An easy and convenient to use latch, just turn it with a small coin in the slot on the front of the body. Recommended for low security access.
keyed cam latch image
Keyed Cam-Latch
Recommended for high security access or where locks are required for controlled access. Keyed alike is standard.
Powder Coated White Cam-Latch image
Powder Coated White Cam-Latches
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Keyed K1
Slotted S1
Magnetic M1
Magnetic Cam-Latch image
Magnetic Cam-Latch
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Gasket Stripe Image
Neoprene Gasket
Available in all sizes
Piano Hinge Image
Piano Hinge
Special Order upon request
Slotted Flush Mount Image
Slotted Cam Latch Flushed Mount
Keyed Flush Mount Image
Keyed Cam Latch Flushed Mount
Castle Cover Cap Open Image
Castle Cover Cap Open
Castle Cover Cap Closed Image
Castle Cover Cap Closed