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GFRG Access Panels and Doors made from glass fiber reinforced gypsum and 70% post-consumer recycled glass for a sustainable design that blends seamlessly into your walls and ceilings.

Consisting of a surround frame and either a Pop-Out or Concealed Hinged Door, Seamless GFRG Access Door Panels are perfect for jobs where Access is required at regular intervals.

Light-weight and easily textured, these panels can be used in both new and retrofit construction across unlimited applications.

The smart design helps contractors work smarter, faster, and better with deeper tapered edges, level 5 finish, pre-countersunk locations with superior plywood embedments for addition mechanical strength for drywall joints that won't shrink, crack, or sag. Our precision CNC machine controlled pattern making for mold making provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for a more attractive interior.

  • Simply provide framing support for the exterior edges of the frame panel
  • Attach with course thread drywall screws into the pre-countersunk locations provided
  • Taping and finish is the same as conventional drywall finishing techniques
  • Thermal stable product

GRG Access Doors are taped and finished to integrate with the drywall ceiling with the minimum of visible lines.

Castle Panels & Doors are available in over 700 sizes to accommodate small to large access openings, Castle Access Panels & Doors meets Class A flame spread rating in accordance with:

ASTM Standard E1264-08
ASTM Standard E84-80



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